Syncing settings for shared folders across devices

Is there a way to ensure that settings for shared folders are synced across all devices?

Things like rescan time, file versioning, file watcher settings - I’d like to set these for a folder on one device, and have these settings synced/replicated on other devices that share the same folder.

No, as all devices are not always owned by the same person.

Is it possible to enable (or implement) this for situations where 1 user is sharing folders between multiple devices they own, and only they have access to?

It’s possible. If you are able to code, we can provide guidance of what needs changing etc. Otherwise, it’s down to the community to find who is interested in implementing this.

I am not able to code unfortunately, but maybe if you could post the guidance anyway, someone might see this thread and take it from there?

I think this is a useful feature, albeit in a specific case (1 user sharing folders between multiple devices they own, and only they have access to)

Using the REST-API to implement this in form of an external script/tool should be quite simple.

Two of the TODOs in my Syncthing CLI client are implementing generic config changes and specifying multiple hosts/targets. That would allow to do what you want.

Having this in the Syncthing-GUI would be possible as well. In either case someone has to implement it. I would go for the CLI because it is simpler.


Cool to hear this would be a simple thing to do.

I’m using syncthing-macosx, hopefully there might be a way to implement this there too (although syncthing-macosx has a very slim feature set)

Seems like a CLI tool similar to what I’ve proposed is already there:

This is even mentioned in the documentation, beside some other projects.

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