Syncing multible home folders

I wish to Sync the home folder from my familie.

  • There are two computer (cloned root and Home) and one Backup server.
  • There are three home and one root directorie to sync.

How would you setup syncthing for that?

  • Would it be better (and possible) to set up syncthing for every user separate
    …or should I setup one Syncthing as root and sync all home together?

    • If I should use one syncthing for every home, I need to run all four syncthing instances on every boot, not only if a user do login.

I would not run anything under root, and then run separate instances for each user.

You shouldn’t sync the whole home of each user as many files are locked on use (e.g. mozilla profiles or in windows ntuser.dat or dat.log) or synching these files will break one or more computer accounts.

Instead, create individual folder share for each directory you want to sync (e.g Documents), or one share (eventually per user) at user profile directory level with ignore patterns:


Kind of a white-listening system. So I have to setup all syncing Directory/files one by one?

Same way like you have to setup a syncthing instance in order to do it properly.

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