Syncing large music folder

Hello, first let me say I’m really impressed with Syncthing and setup was fairly straightforward. I had no issues syncing up my smaller picture folders.

However, I am running into lots of issues trying to sync a very large 59.5 GB music folder from my Win7 64bit desktop to my Android running 5.0.2 lollipop. When I start off fresh (did multiple times) and get the folders hooked up and everything, Syncthing initially starts syncing normally, however since the folder is so huge i usually leave my phone on overnight so it can finish. Unfortunately when I wake up I see it get stuck somewhere which then I can’t seem to get the Syncing started again. (I made sure to check the run syncthing in the background option)

I think the problem might revolve around the fact that I set of the music folder on my computer as the “Folder Master” and whenever syncing starts to my phone I started getting alot of “out of sync files” on the desktop side with the override changes button active. I also made sure to check the ignore permissions in case the android was modifying that while copying over by any chance. Although I’m not really sure this is it.

At the moment i am currently transferring all my music through USB which then I will try to get the folders paired up after that is done.

I realize while writing this i don’t have that much useful information for a proper error report/support topic, so I guess it might help to ask if there are any suggestions to try to get such a large folder synced?

I am currently using 0.10.30, should I wait till 0.11.0 comes out and try it there again? I read that 0.11.0 should help when it comes to cpu usage, which will be great for me since the Snapdragon 400 on my Moto G 2nd gen starts to cough and wheeze whenever this process starts.

Can you try to get some logs? 1 2

Also, closing the GUI might reduce CPU usage (especially on the phone).

Master folder will not work properly on Android, your desktop will always see stuff out of sync on the phone, though that should’t be the reason. Are there any logs from the phone?

Thanks for the responses, I have cancelled my USB music transfer and have deleted all the music that got transferred over.

I’m going to retry my steps again like i mentioned before, but this time I will log on both windows and android. I will post back here with the logs.

edit: I also don’t run the GUI on the phone except to accept a folder request.

I’m having trouble trying to get logging working on the android phone since I am afraid I do not know what I’m doing.

Thanks for the time and suggestions, I will keep trying stuff out.

Did you place the music on your Android device in the correct folder?

synthing needs to be able to set the modification time of the files, which is only possible in the folder of the app. If not, the files will be seen as modified on the next scan, so your phone will try to sync them back to your desktop, hence the “out of sync”.

That shouldn’t cause the sync to get stuck though.

It’s not clear what the definition of stuck is in this case as well.

I have my music folder placed in my sd card under /storage/sdcard1/Phone Music

I know I didn’t have much information to go off with which is why I was requested to get logs, however I didn’t know how to get the logs for the android app since the instructions are not too clear here.

However, I since then figured out how to get logs writing from the android device. I also saw that syncthing 0.11.0 was released today, so My plan was to upgrade versions and try again, and if there is no luck, then I will try again with logging enabled.

As a quick question when using adb, how can i filter only the com.nutomic.syncthingandroid packgage? Im having trouble with this, I figured out how to filter just the word “Syncthing”, but i’m not sure that is good enough.

On the command line, adb logcat -s SyncthingNativeCode:v should do it.

So I finally upgraded both my server and Android to Syncthing 11.5 and unfortunately I still experience the same issue. I even cut back my music folder to only 4GB, but the sync gets stuck at a certain point and it tell me there is out of sync files.

Before I try to get logs, I wanted to ask what “Open Log” button in the android Syncthing client is supposed to do. I click on it, but it just gets stuck saying “Retrieving Logs…” I thought perhaps this would have been a nice little shortcut to get the logs without having to use adb.

Maybe my snapdragon 400 chipset just can’t handle such a big transfer. Anyway, I’ll get some adb logs this weekend for us.