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Hello there I have encountered an issue and wanted to post about the situation here. The problem has already been fixed I just wanted to make light of it so if it can be replicated be addressed. I thought it was a bug so I posted it on the github and I was told to post it here instead because people are nicer and my issue was closed.

I am using Syncthing v1.20.4 Win7 SP1 & Syncthing Android version 1.20.3 Samsung A535G Brave Browser 1.40.113

I deleted a file in my syncthing folder on my pc when this happened it kept saying my pc was disconnected on my android and my pc kept saying the phone was disconnected. I restarted on both sides multiple times and the folders would not sync up-to-date. I even removed them then re-added them & still nothing was happening. I attempted this multiple times then even killed the process on my desktop then restarted it & still nothing was happening. An hour later all of a sudden it just worked it said the devices were connected & it just synced the folders automatically. I have it on watch for change for both folders so this shouldn’t have happened unless I am mistaken.

My second issue once it started working was I deleted a bunch of files on my desktop side and the sync worked correctly on my phone deleting these files. Then afterwards I deleted one video and my phone instead synced to the desktop and made my desktop redownload the video I had deleted on my desktop.

What you expected to happen instead?

  1. When I delete a file in the syncthing folder it should not hiccup and say devices are disconnected on both sides then take multiple restarts, deleting the folders & re-adding them to fix the issue.
  2. When it does work I expect if I delete a file on one side it should delete it on the other. Not work one time then the next re-download the files I deleted on the desktop side from the phone.

Any steps to reproduce the problem?

  1. My syncthing folder is located in my documents folder
  2. I have 5 folders inside the syncthing folder
  3. In Folder Number 5 I deleted a .zip and a .rar file (This is when the devices got disconnected and would not sync)
  4. I removed the folders, deleted the .srt then re-added them
  5. I restarted syncthing on pc and android
  6. After nothing happened I repeated steps 4 & 5!
  7. After nothing happened again I removed the devices from each other then re-added them
  8. After nothing happened I repeated steps 4 & 5 again!
  9. After an hour of waiting all of a sudden everything reconnected (please note folders were always set to watch for change this option was never unchecked)

Deletion Replication

  1. I deleted a bunch of images & audio files in folder Number 5 in my syncthing folder on my pc (worked perfectly fine with deleting them on my phone)
  2. I deleted one .avi video in folder Number 5 in my syncthing folder on my pc (my android phone did not delete the file & my desktop re-downloaded the video I had just deleted out of it)

This however I would like to find out why the deletion worked right the first time then second went wrong. It hasn’t happened again yet but i’m just making it aware that it happened.

The connection problems are likely unrelated to the file deletion problem. When it comes to the latter, please update your Syncthing version to v1.20.4, because a known deletion-related issue on Android has just been fixed very recently (see

When it comes to the two devices being unable to connect with each other, please check what IP addresses are used when connected and whether it’s a direct connection and not a relay or similar. If unsure, please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both devices. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu.

Also, when it comes to connectivity, please make sure your Windows computer has its connection set to “private” (i.e. “Home” or “Work” in Windows 7) and not “public”, because otherwise it won’t allow any direct connections. Similarly, on Android make sure not to disable global discovery in the Syncthing settings, as it’s required even for local connections there due to local discovery being currently broken in the OS (unless you hard-code the IP addresses, etc. but I’m assuming you run with the default configuration here).

Hello, thanks for the info my syncthing is on the latest version on both android & the desktop I am not using any older version. Both devices are on the same wifi and my connection is set to private. Global discovery is not disabled and yes I do run the default configurations.

It’s just weird how everything happened and I read the issue you linked although the issue there is similar I am on the latest version of the android apk. As far as I have reported it I have not tried again to test it after seeing it work normal again.

You listed v1.20.3 for Android above, hence the suggestion. If you’ve updated to v1.20.4 since then, then everything’s all right in this aspect.

If you still experience problems with connectivity, screenshots and logfiles from both sides may help.

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