Syncing folder within an older syncing folder

I have Machine-A sync a folder and its subfolders with Machine-B and vice-versa (no master folders).

Then I have several other devices, which only need to sync their files with a subfolder within the above mentioned main folder. For example, I have several Android devices, which sync their photos to /folder/username/photos (again, no master folders).

Is this a working scenario or will syncing subfolders, within an already synced main folder cause conflicts?

Thank you!

Relevant previous discussions:

I do believe it was back in 2000, when I first installed my first forum software and even further back when I learned how to use the search function, before pestering people with questions, which have been already answered.

So I did browse most of the topics in the search result, which you’ve linked, before I dared waste your precious developer time (and I do believe it is, since I’ve been using Syncthing for years now and find it excellent), but all I find are either people having trouble defining their problem or already having problems with “nested folders”.

So I was really expecting a simple Yes or No answer to my simple question. I’ve already read that some people ignore all folders, except the ones they are interested in - is this another (or the only) solution?

Thank you.

If you’re just looking for a yes/no, there is a clear “no” in the FAQ:

As with many things the real truth is slightly more nuanced, and I’m pretty sure it’s been discussed here a couple of times.

Thank you. I understand that with increasing complexity, it becomes difficult to give definitive answers, so I appreciate it - all the best!

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