Syncing doesn't work

Synchronization does not work after between the phone and the computer after exiting the power saving mode. The interface shows an endless synchronization process or its absence. After exiting power saving on the phone, synchronization does not work. Communication is decentralized, networks are different

Can you post screenshots showing the problem at hand? Also, have you modified any of the default settings?

Hung up in this state. This happens when the phone switches to power saving mode and then exits it. In the settings, it is allowed to work on Wi-Fi, access point and mobile Internet. It is allowed to work when powered by mains and battery. In power saving mode, it is turned off, BUT when you exit it, everything should work as before. But synchronization usually works only before exiting this mode. Then restarting the apps doesn’t help. The network settings have not been changed. In addition, the option “Keep the CPU active” is enabled.

You will have to restart your phone every time you exit power saving and the computer.

When stuck like that, what do you see on the phone in the Web GUI? You can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu in the app.

Now the state is like this after reinstalling the application on the phone and trying to add a device. I don’t understand how to add a folder. The settings are set the same.

At least go and write your own program for synchronization.

How do I delete a new device and return the old one?

I am currently deleting the program on my computer and phone and reinstalling it

Reinstalling didn’t help, how do I remove these devices? How to start working with the program again, from scratch?

I’ll have to go and use other tools or write my own program. Nothing works.

Started re-syncing existing files

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