Syncing block at 30% for remotedevices

Hello, I configure Syncthing on one remote server and my local server. Both folders are up to date, but remote devices stay in syncting state with 30%. Folder type are set with “Send only”.

Don’t know what to watch in logs file.

Can somebody help me?


Please post screenshots of the web UI with the relevant folder and device expanded. And check which files are reported as out-of-sync when you click on the number.

Here it’s scrennshot of the web UI.

And here it’s one of files are reported as out-of-syc.

Please post the same UI screenshot from the Proxmox device.

Edit: Also you are on v1.8.0 - there’s some chance that upgrading to the latest version helps (there have been some possibly related bug-fixes lately).

UI screenshot from Proxmox device :

The device is in the process of scanning and has tons of files to revert - the latter might disappear once scanning and the following syncing is over. Just wait until it’s done and then take it up from there.

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THanks for your answer, after finishing scanning of local, sync is up.

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