Syncing between devices hangs at 89%

Hi, I have several folders shared between an ARM server and my 2 PCs. All folders show “up to date” and each of my PCs says it’s in sync with the ARM server.

Only the 2 PCs amongst each other stop at 89%. They seem to be in sync. I deleted an re-added the PCs on the other server: no effect.

Any idea where I can have a look?

Thanks Peter

What do the file counts look like on both devices? Are there any files in the list of needed files?

I checked all directories. On directory looked weired on one PC. I deleted and readded this directory. Then I deleted (moved to elsewhere) all of the content of this synced directory so it now just contains the 0byte .stfolder file.

On PC1 and Server Global/Local State are both the same (1 file, 134kB) on PC2 I got Global (1 file, 134kB) Local (1 file 89kB).

No matter how ofter I resync this folder or restart the daemon. PC2 has this difference between local and global state. And I don’t know why the only file .stfolder with 0byte in filesystem results in a state with 134kB.

Anywhere I can have a look at?


Can you provide screenshots of both GUIs?

Yes I’m gonna do this when I’m back home. If you need sth else let me know.


I removed my music and picture folders from sync as they were about 100G and too much for the little ARM server. After that I stopped syncthing and removed the index folder - there were 600 MB of ldb files…

After a clean start with reindexing on all machines everything is OK now. I guess one of the local index files was corrupt.

Thanks for your help anyway.

BR Peter