syncing and will be moved to remote location, will it continue to sync ?

I’m in the process of syncing my files (in total, I am expecting to sync 4TB of data) to an appliance that is hosting Syncthing, so far so good, the files are syncing without any issues.

The ultimate plan for the appliance is for it to be a remote/offsite sync node, the device will live at my brother’s home.

Can I assume that when my brother plugs the device into his network (he’s not doing any firewalling of any kind) the syncing will auto-discover and syncing will be available?

You’d hope so, but network configuration etc, might mean it will connect over relays etc, so you can’t just blindly assume it will work perfectly.

But connecting over relays for discovery is what Syncthing is all about right?

Relays and discovery are separate things.

One is for finding devices, other is for relaying traffic if they can’t connect directly.


I think I’ll incorporate zerotier into the equation

And I’ll add:

It also depends on your configuration(s). Unless you have configured specific routing/firewall rules, did you enable remote discovery and/or relaying?

In my case, the relay and remote discovery are disabled. But I have specific firewall/iptable rules in place for the remote IP’s…

And it works great, even across timezones. :slight_smile: