Syncing an archive-folder


I have a question about syncing an archive-folder. On this folder I have read-only permissions. (Someone else has read-write permissions) The folder is on a windows-system.

But I want to sync this folder. I checked “main folder” and “ignore file permissions”, but I always get the message “Access is denied”.

Looking forward to any suggestions.

You need to manually create a file called .stfolder in that archive folder then it should work.

If you can’t convince the “someone” to create that empty file, you currently have no chance to sync that folder with Syncthing.

It the future, Syncthing will probably be able to sync read-only folders without creating that file, if “Folder Master” is checked.

Sounds easy.

I thought that is easy. But on the mac I get the message “you can’t use a name that begins with a dot”. And on a windows machine I also cannot create a file that begins with a dot.

Any other suggestion

On a mac you should be able to use the command prompt and enter touch .stfolder when inside the folder.

On Windows, you can create a file named .stfolder. and answer the prompt with yes, to create the correct file.

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The folder I want to sync has now a .stfolder-file. See if this will do the job.


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