Syncing a large directory misses a ridiculous number of files

This is the directory I’m syncing from: files: 1,687,920 directories: 234,075 ~19.6 GiB

The directory receiving the files: files: 1,161,466 directories: 218,308 ~14.2 GiB

The receiving directory is on a new laptop so the directory didn’t exist until I shared the existing directory with it. Both laptops are Ubuntu 22.

I can copy the original directory to the new laptop and sync between the two laptops, but syncthing should be able to copy to a new laptop by sharing the original directory.

Is there a way to make syncthing fix this?

Please post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on both sides.

I was able to solve this by rebooting both laptops, dropping the failed Folder from the new laptop, deleting that directory and adding that Folder again from the older laptop.

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