Syncing (99%), 128B

I have only seen on issue like mine in the forum, but related to different OS. I have two Windows 10 that I used syncthing to sync my OS backups. Recently, I removed an archive and now one of the remote device showing that sync is at 99% and don’t go any further.

I checked each of the folder structure for any extra file or folder that might have not gotten scan but all look to be a complete replicate on both devices. All folders scan show up to day on each device.

I am on the latest RC version BTW. I am at a lost here.

I had this problem some days ago, for me it was a deleted file that did not exist aymore on all devices but one device thought the other still needs to delete it.

I figured it out by compiling a version with this included: created a file at this place, synced, and deleted it again.

Not sure how this was caused it happend after I brought online a device that was not online several months.

Have this addition been added to the main program or RC version?

OK. I think I have found a fix. On the remote device that stuck at the 99% 128B sync, go to that device first. Unshared any folders in the remote device and the reshare them. It will resync with a complete status on the other device.

Kinda confusing I might have ask. I don’t know how to word it to make any sense.

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