Syncing 91%

All devices syncing to my android say synced 91%. All the resetting, rebooting, & cussing I try won’t get this thing to finish syncing. It seems to be the same regardless of send-only, or not.

I did see an error something about marker, I think, but I can no longer find that error message.

What now?

Incomplete percentages usually mean one of these things:

  1. Not all folders are shared both ways. For example A shares X and Y with B, and B only shares X with A, which causes A to see B out of sync as all files from Y are missing.
  2. Completion percentage is affected by ignore files.
  3. A is a send only folder, yet B has modified files that A is refusing to accept (as it’s send only) which makes A look uncomplete percentage on B, and A out of sync on itself.
  4. Some files fail to sync, which should show failed items somewhere.