Synchthing is often no longer active on different devices without doing anything

Hello I have been using the software for about 2 years. I am not an IT specialist, but I have been able to keep all my Win 11, Win 10 and Android devices up to date with Syncthing. However, what is increasingly happening is that the software is regularly no longer active on different devices without me changing anything. I then have to restart Syncthing again and again - until the next interruption. What can I do to prevent this? Thank you for any information. Franz Cresta, Switzerland

Can you be more specific what you mean by “no longer active”? Screenshots from all affected devices would be very helpful.

Hello good evening Thank you very much for your prompt reply. The problem is that the programme has to be restarted even though the device is always connected. Perhaps the problem lies in the parameterisation in the task menu (see attachment) If I do not work on the external PC for a longer period of time, the problem occurs after a few days. Thank you for any further input. Franz Cresta TaskSynchthing 1.pdf (342.3 KB)

You appear to be trying to control when Syncthing runs using the Task Scheduler. In this case, by enabling it to run only on AC power, and also by stopping the task after 3 days.

However, this isn’t going to work, because the Task Scheduler will only terminate the monitor process while leaving the main process intact. In other words, the task in the Task Scheduler will be stopped, however Syncthing itself will continue to run in the background.

I would suggest to a) untick the AC/battery running conditions, and b) untick the 3 day task time limit. In general, when it comes to the Task Scheduler, I would strongly recommend following the official instructions from

In addition, if you want to actually control when Syncthing runs or not, then you will need to use the REST API ( to do it. The Task Scheduler can only be used to start Syncthing, but it can’t really control it after that.

Hello Thank you for your comments, which I have implemented accordingly. Let’s see if this solves the problem! I have another question that has now popped up: does the synchronisation also run when the device is in standby (sleep mode)? Thanks for any further input! Franz

If you’re asking about Windows, then no, Syncthing will get suspended when you enter standby mode. This applies to both classic sleep and also modern standby. On Android, it’s a bit different, and it depends whether you have excluded the Syncthing app from battery optimisation. If you have done it, then the app will be able to run all the time, if you have not, it will get suspended while the device is in doze mode.

Thanks for the info. I have realised that this is not a problem with Android. Thanks for the prompt replies and have a nice day. Franz

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