synchthing does not synchronize subfolders

Hi, I installed synchthing on my two Linux machines in my local network. On one machine (a) I set up a folder and added a device. (no masterfolder just normal) the other machine (b) receives an invitation to add the shared folder and asks for a local folder to sync with. I created the local folder and everything seems to be ok. Unfortunately the folder (b) shows the new created folder as ‘up to date’ but the only item which is in the folder is a file named .stfolder. what went wrong. I can’t find any hint what’s not right. Any idea? thank you very much!

The folder on the other side must be empty.

Hi Audrius Butkevicius thank you very much for your reply. Yes it was when I created it. I just created it as a sync folder and it was empty. I think the file .stfolder must have been created by synchthing. I am going to delete that file to see what happens.

after deleting the file, it stopped completely. error …folder marker is missing

Yes. You deleted the folder marker. Recreate it.

Thank you for your reply. After deleting all the created folders, and setting up everything from scratch it is working. yay. thank you very much!


Same problem here: The subfolders are being created as normal files on android:

Any clues on how to fix it?

How is it the same problem? The original problem mentions nothing like that.


Well, it’s not syncronizing subfolders; they’re all being created as files on android device. (-:

I just looked more closely to the problem and seens like there’s something odd with the folders permissions.

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