Synchronizing SyncThings own folder on external SD card with several backup folders of other apps


I am using SyncThing now for a few days and after my first struggles with the correct settings, everything works fine. Great tool!

I have one question, though. I am using SyncThing to synchronize my smartphone data with a folder on my NAS. Unfortunately, as the phone runs Android 6.0.1. , it is not possible to select an arbitrary folder for the synchronization, but I have to copy everything that I want to synchronize to …/NameOfMySDCard/Android/data/com.nutomic.synchthingandroid/files

This works fine for manual backups, but not for automatic backups from several apps. Most apps can only write their own backup files to either another given folder in this Android/data directory, or even just to the internal memory of the phone. So I have to find a way to synchronize the dedicated backup folders of these apps (several) to Syncthing’s own data folder automatically. Is there any possibility to solve this problem?

By the way, using the “E-Mail an senden” link on SynchThing’s Google Play site, results in a loopback-error…

Thanks a lot in advance,


Afaik Syncthing can read everything on the sdcard but cannot write. So you can add the directories to syncthing (not with the picker, but e.g. manually in the web ui) and create the file .stfolder inside it with a file manager that uses the file access api.

Depending on the size of your internal storage you might also consider formatting the sd card as “internal”, so it will be used instead of the internal storage for /storage/emulated/0/. This needs a fast sd card though, or you will get problems.

Thanks, wweich! I just found another solution (a bite stranger, though :thinking:): using the app “Automate” to copy the contents of any arbitrary folder (internal or external) to syncthing’s own data folder… I choose this way because it gives me the option to have a “second source” on my external SD card, additionally to the synced files on the NAS.

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