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I have used Syncting for a long time, and it works fine. However, the synchronization of a master folder in computer A with one in computer B never comes to “Up to date” in computer B. In computer B Syncthing says “Synchronizing 100%” forever. Files synchronize fine, but “Up to date” is never reached. No hint about what is the problem is presented. This has been going on for several weeks. Both computers A and B use Syncthing v0.11.26 (64 bit) in Windows 7. I restart computer B and Syncthing every morning. Computer A is mostly running and on line. Maybe an option to force full resynchronization could solve the problem?

The stuff behind the sync calculations (especially in the handling of deleted files) has changed a bit in v0.12, so I’d suggest not worrying about this for the moment and reopening the issue if it remains in v0.12.

I have been running Syncthing v0.12 since it was new, that is, a couple of weeks. The current version is 0.12.2 Windows (64 bit). The configuration is otherwise unchanged.

The problem “Syncing (100%)” for ever remains.

If you are using master folder, the other side is most likely modifying files

Thoigh in both cases you can click on out of sync items in the web ui and see whats causing the issue.

I am using master folder (in the remote computer). There are no out-ot-sync items. There have been, but very seldom. In those cases, a resave in the remote computer (the one with the master folder) has removed the out-of-sync item from the list.

In fact, in the same computer I synchronize files in two folders from two different remote computers, both having the master folder. One device synchronizes fine, but the other is always “Syncing (100%)”.

Do you have ignored items? If yes, they most lilely contribute to the number. You need to restart both sides simultaniously to forget them

I have no ignored items, nor has the remote computer, where the master folder is.

In the master folder, Syncthing reports unsynchronized files in the web ui. Most of them are sync-conflict files corresponding to the file that Syncthing believes is out of sync. In my computer there are a bunch of sync-conflict files in the corresponding (sub)directory, but also the synchronized file. There are no such sync-conflict files in the (sub)directory in the master folder in the remote computer.

It seems that Syncthing syncs, as it should, but at the same time it also creates a sync-conflict file (obviously by renaming the previous version of the updated file by adding -sync-conflict- and the current timestamp) in my computer and reports the sync-conflict file as out of sync in the master folder.

We have restarted Syncthing in both computers at the same time. After a short while, the remote Syncthing reports the same files as out of sync, and my Syncthing is again “Syncing (100%)” forever. Updating the file in the remote computer makes Syncthing update the file in my computer, but the never ending “Syncing (100%)” continues.

A rude experiment would be to just delete the sync-conflict files in my computer and see what happens, but you may have some better recommendation.

Well if the non-master produced conflicts, an override should remove them, and if you are sure they are not conflicting, you can also remove them yourself.

I removed the sync-conflict files manually. New sync-conflict files appeared. After an override in the master folder, Syncthing was able to sync again, and the Device was Up to Date.

…and they lived happily ever after…

Thanks for your benign help and for a competent program! :smile:

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