Synchronization statuses are misleading

Hallo, On my new device (Windows 11) Syncthing says it is not synconized (red message: “Nicht synchronisiert”) It shows the status of other devices (Andoid phone and 2x Windows 10) at 25% (light blue message: “Synchronisiere 35%, 1,16GiB”)

However, according to my observation, this is not true. Files, such as my *.kdbx, which I have just expanded to include access here, were immediately transferred to the Win10 devices. The displayed size of the data in the light building massage is also approximately three times the actual amount.

The status of the new Windows 11 device is also displayed on the other devices with a green message “Aktuell”.

Is this just a display problem or do I have to worry about conflicts or even data loss occurring?

Regards Thomas

Please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices. Make sure that the folder information is unfolded and all visible.

Hello tomasz,

I think I got it.

This is the UI at the Win11 device:

And here two image of the UI on one of the Win10 devices: At the Win10 device the ~/syncthingfolder is shared twice.

| Filder ID | Device | | fc2mn-ysgcq | Winn11 (15-Fujitsu), Win10 (server02) | | andoq-tennu | Win10 (server02) |

And as you see there are some other devices offline. I think there is a loop because of one folder shared with diferent IDs. I will check that all devices know only one ID (fc2mn-ysgcq),

Regards and Thanks Thomas

Something is definitely wrong on the Windows 11 device, as there the folder’s global status is basically 3x its local status, and it seems that the local status is the correct one. I would try to remove and re-add the folder within Syncthing on that device first.

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