Synchronization is incomplete and botched

Good morning all,

I have just discovered Syncthing that I have deployed in my company. The server is under ubuntu 20.04 server and the other machines are either on ubuntu or on windows.

Once the syncthing instances open on each machine and the shares created, I realize that Syncthing only creates the directory to synchronize and not all of its content and quickly, without even having had an analysis step, and a step synchronization, it displays in the “Up to date” share.

This event occurs regardless of the peers, peer to peer, peer to server, etc …

Has anyone come across this problem before ?

Please give me the solution

Sorry, but from your description it’s not exactly clear what the problem is that you are experiencing.

To put it simply, I have a machine running windows seven, a machine running ubuntu desktop and the last one running ubuntu server. Syncthing is installed in all these machines and they have started to synchronize the directories. What I notice is that when a directory is shared by a computer, the other with which it synchronizes receives this directory. It is created but the contents of the directory are not synchronized. It is as if the synchronization was only done on the directory. So on one side, the computer that owns the directory has a full directory, with subdirectories and files, and on the other side, the directory is created by Syncthing but it is empty. The local state and the global state both show 0. I thought at first it was a time issue, but it’s been two days since nothing has changed. I looked on the permissions side with the chmods and changed them all to 777 but nothing helped. Thank you for your help

Check the logs, or post screenshots of the UI. It’s probably failing to sync for some reason, which usually shows up in the logs or “Failed Items” in the UI.

Good morning all, Since yesterday I have been trying to find out why my syncthing is no longer functioning normally. First of all in my company there were several networks, problem that I fixed and in addition, I addressed all the computers statically. Since then synchronizations have been going normally. Thank you for your help.My problem is solved now.

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