Synchronization error due to using wrong character in file name (" ") in Windows.

I was working in Obsidian and there was such a situation that the name of a note had a space in the name, after I corrected the symbol, but Syncthing managed to remember it apparently as a temporary file and now constantly tells me that it can not synchronize a file with a space in the name.

Could you please tell me what I should do in Syncthing to remove this message or make it forget about the ghost file? There is no such file on the hard disk.

Now I see an error icon in the tray and an unpleasant entry in the Syncthing interface of the folder, as well as in the console.

This could do with some screenshots and precise error messages. Generally 1) a space is not a problem, even on Windows (unless it’s at the end of the filename), and 2) Syncthing shouldn’t complain about bad file names for deleted files.

  1. Unfortunately the space is at the end of the file name.


You need to rename the file so that it does not have a space at the end.

They say the file is already gone though, but the error message persists. One small observation I can add is that the error seems to be about a folder with a trailing space in its name, not a file. Not sure whether it matters or not though.

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