Synchronization blocks at 48%

Hi there!

I’m using Syncthing for the first time so I’m not quite used to it.

I have a problem:

My PC and my device (Samsung S3) synchronize and the differences between the two folders get detected but when it comes to synchronization, the process always at 48% and the shared folder on my android device says inactive even though on my device and pc it says synchronization at 48%.

I tried to disable all the firewalls: windows firewall, zonealarm, router firewall but the problem persists.

Is there anyone who can help me?

My pc has windows 8 installed and my S3 has cyanogenmod 10.2, kernel 4.3.1.

Thanks in advance!

Inactive? That sort of implies that you two got disconnected or something? Do you have screenshots from both sides (web ui on android).

This is the one from my PC:

These are from my phone:

The synchronization is at 91% because I deleted the previous shared folders and created new ones… so the percentage changed.

I think it might be

From the link you posted I can’t find any solution to the problem.