Synchronise same target from different sources

Hi all

PC1 synchronises on Level A with PC2 by send. Can PC3 synchronise on Level B11 and C11 with PC2 by send.

Will this work?

Thanks Markus

I don’t know what you mean with “by send”, but you can synchronize a folder with root at A between 1 and 2 and two folders at B11 and C11 between 2 and 3.

Hi Simon

1 and 3 both have Type SEND declared in their folder. In case in B11 exists an Object z. 2 will then have the latest version of z out of 1 or 3. Is that correct?

Regards Markus

I think it’s the same problem as always when there are two send-only folders: If any of the two make changes or override changes, the other won’t accept that.

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