synching very slow speed less than 1bps average

I am trying to use synching to transfer about 100 plus gigs of data from one pc to my server and it is taking over 5 hours and still not even at 1 percent, which settings can I change to make this go a bit faster, I was using it t he day before and it did about the same amount of stuff in like 20 minutes

There are plenty if prior threads discussing this subject, suggest you try searching for older threads where this has been answered

I’ve tried to find a few different posts around this with a solution, but none of these posts seem to have a definitive answer, I’ve tried using quick lan and I’ve limited my rescans, I have also tried removing and adding the folder back

turns out it pays to really pay attention, I reposted the file but didn’t re add it back on other server… oh well its working now sorry for the issues

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