Synching files in background

Hi, guys,

I have no experience with Syncthing at all, so I need your insight if Syncthing can do what I need.

I am creating a system that requires two computers talking to each other:

  1. Computer #1 is a profile creator
  2. Computer #2 is a profile player

Computer #1 creates a text file with variables and their values. Computer #2 reads the text file and changes its application’s behavior based on the variables in the text file.

I am considering to use Syncthing for that purpose. Computer #1 will create a file in its “Sync1” folder which will be copied to “Sync2” folder on the Computer #2.

The software on the Computer #2 will read the text file with the variables and its values, and will adjust its behavior accordingly.

Ideally, Syncthing will need to launch automatically with the computer start, and get sync’ed in the background (with no GUI or ClI intervention).

Ideally, it should be a cross-platform solution (Mac,Win,Linux). Raspberry Pi functionally is highly desirable.

Is this possible?

I appreciate any guidance.

Thank you,


Sounds like an overkill. Get your creator to expose a file via a webserver or upload it somewhere, and have others access the file from the webserver/upload location.

Setting up syncthing to autostart etc will be more pain than setting up something that uploads a file, especially if you have to do it via some installer across different platforms.

Apart from the overkill aspect mentioned by Audrius, Syncthing is perfectly capable of handling your scenario. And I think what’s a more or less of a pain is mainly down to personal preference/experience.

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