Synced files show up as .syncthing.*.tmp

Synced files only show up as .syncthing.*.tmp files (meaning they are hidden by default). The MD5sums match, files can be opened and manipulated and are identical.

For obvious reasons this renaming thing is not ideal and I would like it to stop (technically it would be possible to bulk rename everything but that is less than ideal).

I tried it on Linux<->Windows and Linux<->Linux (Ubuntu and Win 8.1 Pro). Running the latest windows version and the version from the ubuntu-repository. I have yet to try out the windows<->windows route with my Win8.1 Tablet.

Has anybody encountered something like this before?

Those are temporary files. If they are not renamed to their actual name you should have entries for them under sync failures in the gui?

Thanks. That brought me on the right track :slight_smile:

I did not check for sync errors on the “client side” (the machine receiving the data) and it went to a folder that was owned by root of the group plugdev.

That is not a problem since the folder I’m syncing is in the home directory. But it seems like I have to study up on Linux permissions.

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