I’ve got a laptop, with a read-only share called ‘Books Read-Only’.

I have two android clients, 1 & 2, on the local network with the server, that are connected to ‘Books Read-Only’. I have told each android client in their Folder settings, that the folder is Receive Only.

Laptop is running SyncTrayzor 1.1.24, SyncThing 1.3.1 Androids are running SyncThing-Fork, SyncThing 1.3.2-preview 1 (From FDROID)

Androids had a previous copy of Books that was out of sync (a manual copy). ‘Books’ on the Androids is at /storage/emulated/0/Books, physically on an adopted, formatted-as-internal, 128GB A2 SanDisk SD card. I’ve had no file system problems, the cards were ordered from Amazon from SanDisk, so they aren’t fake.

Laptop is Windows 7 Pro. The Send-only ‘Books’ is at E:\Books, a partition on the SSD. Again, the SSD is new, has had zero file system errors.

I keep getting a BIG RED WARNING on the Androids, a red cloud with an up arrow: “REVERT LOCAL CHANGES!!!”, sometimes even though it shows in terms of # of files, the local android copy is the same as the global (laptop) copy. And Failed Items (xxx), some random amount [right now it’s 160 out of 16597 global items] on Android 1. Similar things happen on Android 2.

The other annoying thing, is really old invitations like “Default Folder” are not expiring. For instance, I get the “LAPTOP WOULD LIKE TO SHARE DEFAULT FOLDER” on the Androids, even though Laptop NO LONGER HAS that shared folder, at all. It’s been deleted - gone! It’s like the Android clients memorize every invitation, then re-iterate it at every opportunity, although that folder is no longer being offered (it’s been weeks now).

I’m starting to call SyncThing SyncBug among my friends.

So there are a few points here:

The fact file count is the same it doesn’t mean the files are the same. Even if the content is the same, things like permissions and modification times might not be, hence why “override” is visible.

The failed items sound like a separate issue and not related, and you should probably understand why they fail and fix it.

Invitations are permanent and that’s intended, however the fact that stuff that is no longer offered is persisted forever is a fair point and you should raise a github bug.

You can call syncthing whatever you want among your friends, but being all snarky on the forums just looks childish and suggests we should simply ignore toxic people, so I am half regretting I spent time answering your concerns. Thanks for valuing our unpaid time and effort providing you with free software.


You can call syncthing whatever you want among your friends, but being all snarky on the forums just looks childish and suggests we should simply ignore toxic people,

Oof… ‘toxic people’. Next you’ll be wanting a Safe Space: I didn’t realize this forum governed by those cowards who bow to politically-correct tyranny.

Fix your software and when you grow a set, let me know.

I am sad that you are an unhappy customer, you’ll be happy to know that we have a no questions asked refund policy.

I’d rather you took that and use a different product than undermine other peoples effort, killing any motivation of working on free stuff in general.


@Dnominated Behave.

@Dnominated The persistent notifications to accept a shared folder or device were an enhancement in SyncthingNative, the fork has “just” learned to show them again if you missed them on their first popup. You can expand the notification thrown and click the button “ignore” to get rid of it. Revert local changes is shown to prevent you losing data on the phone in case another app put/changed something related to your synced folders.

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