Sync working on SD card but only one folder deep?

Using Syncthing app v0.7.21 and Syncthing 0.13.10 Win x64 both current as of post. Syncthing works perfectly between my desktop PC and laptop, and kind of between phone (Galaxy S5 not rooted). The issue seems to be it’s only syncing one level deep on my SD Card, the app does have full permissions as required, here are a couple screenshots:

Pic 1 for the top two folders, Phone-pictures synced though it stays at 99% now and the desktop Syncthing shows “syncing 100%” on the device.

Pic 2 when I go to folder picker adding a new folder, I get that error. Again I did give permissions to the app, it did sync the Phone-pictures, but any time I go more than one level deep (you can see the Phone-pictures is in the root of the SD card, not a subfolder of a root folder).

Appreciate any help as I love this software but can’t get this figured out, cheers!

Check the bug tracker for the android wrapper. SD cards are not supported.

That reminds me, I wanted to write a FAQ that covers this kind of stuff. Got kind of lost between writing my thesis, but I’ll get to it.

But why does the Phone-pictures folder sync?

There are three possibilities to use the external SD card without root as far as I know:

  • adoptable storage
  • folders in the apps “area” (don’t know how it is called), e.g. /storage/014A-7323/Android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files
  • Master folders (as long as you create the .stfolder file manually)

Maybe, Phone-pictures is a Master folder.

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I manually copied the .stfolder file from the Phone-pictures on SD card to the /Music/Singles subfolder, I got it scanning and syncing fine but each folder is 1 file short no matter what I do. Phone-pictures sits at 2747/2748 files and Singles shows as 25/26 files, the phone shows as 99% syncing in Syncthing GUI permanently. I wish I had enough space on my phone’s internal memory to move my music over :frowning:

Did you check the Web GUI? If it’s about Master folders, they could be Out of Sync. As far as I remember the Android GUI does not show this kind of folder error.

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Thanks, I hadn’t, yes they were Out of Sync. Each had one file failing due to permissions, dunno what was wrong I just manually copied each over. Hope it doesn’t keep happening.