Sync with a server on demand (in standby when idle for a while)

Within our little network no PC is running permanently. I configured on PC in a way it wakes from sleep whenever his IP address is asked in the network (WOL at any packet). So it wakes up when I want to access on of it’s smb shared directories and it also wakes up if I call it’s syncthing web interface. So far so good. But it wakes not up when another syncthing node has new stuff for syncing. I wonder if there is a smart way to wake it up whenever another syncthing node has new data… Any suggestions?

I don’t think this is doable at the moment. The reason it doesn’t wake up currently is that if it’s not awake it does not announce itself on the local network, so the other devices can’t find it and connect to it (which would wake it up, as I understand id). You can set up the other devices to use it’s IP directly (I’m assuming it’s static since this is a server), but then they will have a connection up at all times and never let the poor thing sleep.

An idea: Could syncthing provide a signal to the system when it has (an number of) changes ready to sync? Then a scheduled task could be triggered to wake up the server. My current solution is to wake the server up every hour or so regardless if ther is stuff to sync or not. This works but is not very elegant.

You could listen to the event API, specifically for the LocalIndexUpdated event. Seeing that means something changed.