Sync two existing folers

Dear friends, I am completely new for Syncthing, and I am so excited to find out such a great thing! Since I just began using it, there is some problem I am going to ask any of your kind help. I have two device (windows PC), and on each of them there is a folder. The two folders were synchronized by other software before (in details, they were synchronized using ftp). Since the folder is about 200G, I do not want to repeat the synchronization again in Syncthing, and I think it should not, for the reason that the two folder are already the same actually. But it seems after I added the folder in Syncthing, it began uploading and downloading all files again. So my question is: what is the correct way to add huge folders which already are the same in two devices? Thank you very much! James

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There will be some metadata sync that appears as if the files are transferred. Depending on how many files you have and how fast your devices are this will need some time. If it really uploads/downloads there is something wrong.