Sync trouble with freeNAS

Running Syncthing on my Macbook Pro and on freeNAS. Both nodes added, repo shared, after they discover each other, I get this message on my freeNAS:

“10:29:57: Unexpected repository ID “test” sent from node “shiny”; ensure that the repository exists and that this node is selected under “Share With” in the repository configuration.”

I assume I have some permissions problems on the freeNAS, still busy setting it up.

Btw. where does Syncthign write the synced repositories to if running on freeNAS? Not sure where to set that up.

The node “shiny” has a repository configured called “test”. The node where you see the warning does not, or it has but it’s not set to be shared with shiny.

The configuration is stored to ~/.config/syncthing as the user running syncthing, unless you set it to something else using the -home flag. The repositories are stored where you set them up to be stored, in the repository configuration.

OK, maybe I completely misunderstood hwo this works:

I have two nodes, they are connected. I created a repository on node 1 and shared it with the other node 2 and got that message above.

Does this mean I have to create a repo on node 2 with the same name as the repo on node 1?

I thought you only create a repo on one node and then share it with the other nodes?

yes you need to create a repo with the same ID on the other node you want to share it with (can be a empty directory or even one that does not exist, it will be created then) how else should the node know that i is ok to accept this repo and where to store it? should explain the basic setup

Thanks, that would explain thigns then…I thought the nodes talk to each other and node 1 tells the other node its got a repo to snc with.

And unless I’m blind, the Getting started: doesn’t mention creating two identical repos or am I overlooking something?

i just had a quick look at it now, but the only indication that everything has to be done on both that i found is “…configure them in parallel.” at the beginning. This could probably be explained more clearly.

Thanks Alex, I still don’t get this why I have to add repos on both sides… what happens if I set conflicting setting on this repo?

i.e. make it a Master Repo on both sides or allow 10 versions on one side and none on the other? just wondering…