sync to a different base folder

I think would be useful to have an option to sync files to a different base folder. I mean, lets say computer A I want to to share/sync the folder /home/userA/development/stable/MyProject with a remote computer B, where the destination folder is /home/userB/Project (syncthing on computer B is running as user B) Essentially I am talking about mapping A://home/userA/development/stable/MyProject as B://home/userB/Project

This mapping will allow:

  1. running syncthing as different users on systems.
  2. mapping a development folder on A as a production folder on B

My use case: I have several raspberry devices that run my stuff. On my development machine the source path is quite different from the production path and also, the users are different between devices.
If such option exist, I may have all remote devices up to date with my development machine with easy.

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You can select any directory you like on either side. Or perhaps I’m not understanding the question.

Can I ? Ouch ! I thought I’ve read the documentation. Obliviously not, and I missed this somewhere… Do you mind to point to me how can I do that. I believe you understood correctly.

You set the Folder path in the add folder dialog.

Yes, thank you. It was exactly what I was looking for. Apparently I read the documentation better than I read the description on the UI.

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