Sync stuck at `sync-preparing`...

What I am trying to do

Sync my music files on my PC to an Android DAP.

Sync Directory: files=6807, size=31.2 GiB

PC: Send only, Endeavor OS

Android DAP: Receive only, SD Card is used not internal storage, Android 5

Expected Outcome

All the files on my PC are copied to the Android DAP.

Actual Outcome

Sync stuck at 61%. Syncthing on the android devices says sync-preparing and nothing changes even after hours. It is not a storage space issue.

Further information

Android DAP is Activo CT10, the specs are as follows:

You say it is not a storage space issue, but have you checked where Syncthing’s database is stored? Maybe there is not enough free space on that location (likely internal memory)?

Please open the Web GUI from within the app drawer menu. It might tell you more details why the folder is not syncing. Though it would say “Stopped” when actually hitting a free space limit.

Checking the web gui helped. It reported I/O error for a certain file. I ran CHKDSK on the sdcard under windows and now everything works fine. :+1:

Can’t believe I had to run to a windows installation. But again for whatever reason Android, which is kind of based on Linux, chose to support only proprietary filesystem of Windows for sdcards. :roll_eyes:

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