Sync Stopped with Error "file modified but not rescanned"

I’m using Syncthing to do a two way sync of a folder on two Windows systems. The folder is ~4GB in size and has a number of subfolders (15).

The Windows and Trayzor/Syncthing versions on both systems are:

  • Windows 7 x64: SyncTrayzor 1.1.18, Syncthing 0.14.42
  • Windows 10 x64: SyncTrayzor 1.1.18, Syncthing 0.14.42

I made some changes to the files on the Windows 10 system and am now receiving the following message in the logs on the Windows 7 system:

  • (folderid) isn’t making progress. Pausing puller for 16m0s.
  • finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

The errors are being generated for one particular file that was renamed.

Can anyone tell me what might have caused this and what I need to do to resolve it?

Case only renames break things. You’ll have to rename the file to something else, and then rename it back. This is a known limitation.

Thanks Audrius. Based on what you said, I was able to resolve the issue by renaming the file to something else and then naming it back to the case-only change.

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