Sync stopped during pc shutdown, Will continue after startup?

Hello everyone, 1 question, i am very excited with syncthing, i use them maily for my laptop mirroring.

What happend if i Will shutdown laptop/or put them to sleep etc… During synchronization? (only some files Will be synced).

I know about 24h for “error files”, but often my wife shutdown laptop, and then laptop is not used (shutdowned) for several days.

  1. Will sync continue on next startup?

  2. Or Will start new sync again?

  3. Or the worst scenario sync job Will be completely stop because of some error?

Thank you Michal

It should just resume where it left off.

As long as the shutdown was clean and not some kind of a hard reset or such, I would say that you should not worry.

I did recently encounter a database corruption, but this was after I had mistakenly unplugged my external hard drive where Syncthing was running in a VM… which is not a normal use case, I guess :upside_down_face:.

Thank you, i woriend only About unexpected sync corruption, like sync is running and someone close the lid (laptop goes to sleep), or if meanwhile sync someone shutdown destination pc

This should all be fine.

Thanks, i have Just tested several scenarions, and IT looks Fine (except of some tmp files which are created if you delete files in source folder meanwhile sync is running).

Now i am not ale to use syncthing without Global Discovery even if i am only at local…)

Yeah if a file disappears from the source while it’s being synced the temp file will stick around for a while. It gets removed after a day by default.

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