Sync status & sync history

Hi , guys , great work about Syncthing !

It’s so easy to use and work so well ! Much better than BittorrentSync which sucks everyday …

But one more feature could make me more happier :wink:

That’s about ‘Sync status & sync history’ .

I wish there could be a list in webGUI ,showing which files are synchronizing(uploading,downloading,deleting,updating) or synchronized(uploaded,downloaded,deleted,updated) ,more than the ‘Last File Received’ ,it tells too little :confounded:

Thanks anyway ,keep going & have a nice day :slight_smile:


As its syncing you can click on the “out of sync items” text which opens a detailed dialog.

But it disappear when sync finishing :dizzy_face:

i would like to have this too. Shouldnt be hard to implement or? :slight_smile: Just a list with the latest 100 Activity Records (including Files currently being synced)

Go for it.

Nice pun :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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Thanks :wink: