Sync states don't match


I have a weird issue where I have a lot more synced than I actually have. It is a send only receive only configuration. Now, what I’m seeing is this and there is more detail blow:

Host side:

Client Side:

Okay, like I said it is a host client situation, where the client is only supposed to receive the files from the host. It is a direct mirror of a backup repository. If a file is deleted on the host it should also be deleted on the client and I believe that is where the problem lies.

The files on the host got modified, especially a lot of them were deleted because of cleanup. I think there something was wrong where it saw that on the host side but somehow “forgot” to mention that to the client side which now holds all the files and more. No idea what’s going on but how do I fix that?

I don’t want the client hold more files, I want an exact same state of the host, which is why I’m using Syncthing for this and not something else…

Thank you a lot in advance for helping

It appears to be working on it. Let’s see how it looks when it’s done. Potentially you’ll get one or more “revert” and/or “override” buttons which you may need to use.

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