Sync stalled


I recently upgraded from 0.14.18+dfsg1-2+b1 (official debian stable package) to syncthing v1.0.0 on debian stretch installed via apt (as describe on on my laptop and on my homeserver.

I share a documents folder containing between those two devices. Recently I added about 100.000 files and 30.000 folder (15GiB) with a single mv call. The folder totals 101.000 files and 31.000 folders (25GiB).

The homeserver is behind NAT. The router forwards port 22000 to the homeserver. Up until now the setup worked like a charm for half a year.

Now syncing that folder is stalled at 65% for said folder. No data is transmitted, but both devices report each other as online. Transmission statistics are listed as < 1KB (818B UP, 611B Down)

Logs look clean to me. TCPDump shows traffic on port 22000 after syncthing starts. Then nothing is transmitted anymore. Right now I don’t know what else to do solve the problem.

Thanks in advance, Till

Please post screenshots (I have multiple unspecific questions, but they are all answered by a screenshot). Have you checked (outside of syncthing) whether the data has actually been synced or not.

I had this after upgrading to 1.0 well. Two nodes affected. Eventually I unshared the affected folder on both nodes and enabled sharing on node ‘B’ and accepted the share on ‘A’.

After that it went back to normal. Oddly doing the enable/share in the other direction didn’t work.

I actually hit a number of issues after updating to 1.0 on other nodes but all were eventually fixed by various restarts and other unscientific methods like that.

Once everything started cleanly there were no more problems though.

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