Sync Speed

Hello. I have switched from a Western Digital NAS to a Synology NAS and the setup is almost similar to what i had before.

I am syncing between 2 points. A and B , A sends only , B receives Only. Any deletions that happen on either device don’t get synced (i do them manually).

On my previous setup i was able to get a sync speed of 60MB/s , on this setup it doesn’t manage to get past 12MB/s , if it even gets there.

I have copied a file manually between my pc - router - synology nas and it copies with 110MB/s. So the LAN/NAS/HDD doesn’t seem to be the bottleneck.

The reason i said the setup is similar is due to the fact that in my initial setup i was using my PC to do the sync between Point A to Point B.

L.E. The source is running v1.3.1-rc.2, Linux (64 bit) The received is running v1.3.0, Linux (ARM)

We use heavy encryption and hashing, so throughout is limited by the CPU performance. Check CPU usage as it’s syncing.

CPU usage is high. nearing 100%. Anything I can do to mitigate this or to lessen the CPU usage ?

Not really. You can try the release candidate on the machine with high cpu, see if that helps in any way.

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