Sync speed decrease when device status changed.

hi I created data sync system like below

PC_A(PC_B: dynamic) <-> PC_B(PC_A: static IP) PC_A(PC_C: dynamic) <-> PC_C(PC_A: static IP)

  1. PC_A data modified
  2. Data syncing to both PC_B and PC_C from PC_A.
  3. PC_B has been diconnected from PC_A. (since network error, ip renew… etc).

in this case, PC_A’s data sync speed is decrease almose to zero and after few secs speed increase. And when PC_B which disconnected from PC_A, connected with PC_A again PC_A’s sync speed decrease almost to zero and increase again after few secs.

I guess when device connected or disconnected, syncthing stop sync and do something. Is it right?

Is it normal situation?

Check the logs. Changing certain settings requires a reconnect.

I’m not really sure about the details, but in principle, Syncthing pulls blocks from other devices. If a block has been requested from a device, and then it goes offline, the same block is probably retried only after the first request times out. That might explain a short drop in transfer rate when one device suddenly disappears. AFAIK, the same block is never requested from several devices in parallel, but gets back into the queue when pulling it failed.

Thanks. What I am curious about is my environment is not connected each other(like a grid).

A connected with B and C.

B and C is not connected each other.

data sync flow is

if data changed from A, A → B and A → C.

if data changed from B, B → A and A → C

is it maybe right?


I didn’t quite understand your last question, but if I had to guess, the answer would also be “Yes”.

Ok Thankyou

I understood. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: