Sync Samba oplocks / tdb database


Do you think it is possible to sync oplocks / lock of files between samba servers with syncthing.

As far as I know oplocks are stored in tdb database and now I’m looking the way to synchronize tdb database without malforming data. Is syncthing able to sync those files?

Anything that’s a regular file can be synced, although database files that are being changed “live” may not survive the sync (much like it takes special care to be able to back them up, etc).

I know it can be synced, but not if files are edited synchronous.

Server1 has Samba running and samba changing content of locking.tdb the same thing happen on server2. Even though nobody is using share on server2, samba instance has it opened and syncthing is showing hash mismatch, file changed during pull.

Right. If the same file is being changed simultaneously, and syncthing also attempts to sync it between those places, noone will probably be happy about the situation.

just for you to know, to achieve tdb sync, I should switch to CTDB database, which is invented for such tasks. Unfortunately Synology Samba is not build with such options, I will look into it, but I will work on another forum on that, since it’s not Syncthing fault :smile: I can’t achieve what I want.