Sync pictures across multiple pc's

I want to sync the pictures folder across multiple windows machines. I have 5 devices connected so far, all with the pictures folder set to share to every other.

I don’t want multiple pictures folders created with each pc name. I currently only show one folder on the left side, set to share with everyone. It appears to not be syncing.

should it have a folder entry on the left for each of the devices on every device? As in have 5 folder entries, all mapped to the same folder?

Probably you added them in the Syncthing UI on every device, not minding the folder ID. You can achieve what you want in two ways:

  1. Create the folder on a single device, share it with all other devices. These devices will then get a prompt to add that folder, where you can select the appropriate local path and share it with all other devices too -> done.

  2. Create the folder on all devices, making sure the folder ID is the same on all devices. Also share with all devices. The folders are now paired already, no prompt will show up -> done.

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