Sync over many systems including a cli-only-server with backup


I would like to build the following system:

one server running 24/7 with cli only (no web and no GUI: cli only!)

  • cron-job is backuping the synced data all 24 h on /syncthing_data/
  • Must accept any shares by known device automaticly: /syncthing_data/<share>

Many clients on android, windows, linux, …

  • Have only some selected shares:
    • Existing: Device can ignore the new shares
  • All clients including the server sync all the shared data


  • I need to add any new device to all existing devices?
    • There is no group so adding on a single point is possible?
  • Any new share must add to any device?
  • Is it possible to autoaccept any shares (required for the server)?
  • Would it possible to sync the settings of syncthing by itself: new devices need only a single share to restores all others as the setting get synced (other devices and shares)? :wink:

What do you think: Is syncthing working for my use case?

  • Easy Backup (on the server)
  • Easy Sync of many devices and shares (>10 devices)
  • Easy to add new devices (only adding at one device in the circle)

I’m looking forward to get your opinions :grin:

Draft sync config:

  1. Link one existing device with a new device (existing device adds new device id in the config) (on new one disable upload?)
  2. Share “config-share” with the new device
  3. New one should get all shares and device ids


Linux-Path: /home//.config/syncthing/ accept only “config.xml”

Hm, “path=” and “device id=” can be a problem.

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