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Hello, i have a small question. Is it any option to sync only files let say created last 24hrs from host to your storage. My host is small storage, but my destination folder is very big and scanning taking ages, even if i need to pull just a few GB of data

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Thanks, but maybe is it any chance to bypass all this long scans ?

You can set ignore patterns on the source, for things you never want to sync, and those will then not be scanned.

Why you just don’t want to make feature about latest folders to pull? Will be very useful and will same soooo much time for people But yes, if i dont find solution i will play with ignore patterns, thank you

It doesn’t fit particularly well with how Syncthing works, and it makes which files are ignored or not a weird function of time passing. We’ve discussed it previously here on the forum.

This is bad, if you pulling media files, 3.5 tb library scanning time is around 4 hours. it’s way too long and too much load on the hdd

It’s a one off, as long as it does not change. As calmh said, you are free to add ignore patterns to reduce that 3.5TB to a much smaller set.

Too many patters need to be added :slight_smile: probably i will try to do so. But what i offered it’s way more easier than patterns, especially all files has creation time

Sure, if you think it’s easier for you to implement that feature, I’ll happily review a pull request.

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