Sync not full

Hi, my Android Syncthing client shows this, any advice as to how to fix it?

Nothing can really be done with such limited information. Please at least post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices. On Android, the Web GUI can be accessed through the left slide-out menu.

Right, here is the web gui from the android device:

And here are the screenshots from the “laptop_Yavorov” device: Clipboard01 Clipboard02 The device “Embajada” is not accesible right now, tomorrow I’ll be able to send a screenshot. Thank you very much for taking the time.

I’d say there’s nothing obvious in the screenshots. What happens if you try to display the “Out of Sync Items” list? Are there any errors in the logs? Any panic logs perhaps?

Also, is this perhaps only a cosmetic problem, or are the files really not syncing? If it’s the latter, can you isolate the problematic files to a specific folder, or are they scattered over different folders?

Hi, thanks for your time. I deleted the share in Android, deleted the .stfolder and .stignore file (I suspect that was the problem, although it contained no text strings), resynched and now everything is fine.

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