Sync is stuck (not using ignored files)

(Lapo Luchini) #1

I’ve already read most of the “stuck” threads in this forum, but most were due to the usage of ignore files, and usually different on each server.

Currently, I have a state of «Sincronizzazione in corso (99%, 49.3 KiB)» (translates to «Sync in progress», but I’m not sure about the original English sentence) on all my server… which are not using any ignore file.

All 3 of them are updated to 0.14.44 and running on FreeBSD.

In the logs… I’m not sure what to search, and there are a lot of lines, I tried looking but, so far, with no success.

Any suggestions?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

Check logs for errors, and check for errors on the other side.

(Simon) #3

Are we talking about folder status (left pane) or device status (right pane)? And there should be a list of files which are syncing, that may contain clues.


You also can switch language in the GUI to make sure

(system) #5

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