Sync is stuck (not using ignored files)

I’ve already read most of the “stuck” threads in this forum, but most were due to the usage of ignore files, and usually different on each server.

Currently, I have a state of «Sincronizzazione in corso (99%, 49.3 KiB)» (translates to «Sync in progress», but I’m not sure about the original English sentence) on all my server… which are not using any ignore file.

All 3 of them are updated to 0.14.44 and running on FreeBSD.

In the logs… I’m not sure what to search, and there are a lot of lines, I tried looking but, so far, with no success.

Any suggestions?

Check logs for errors, and check for errors on the other side.

Are we talking about folder status (left pane) or device status (right pane)? And there should be a list of files which are syncing, that may contain clues.

You also can switch language in the GUI to make sure

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