sync in lan does not make progress


I have this problem again and again:

My PC (Linux) and my phone find each other on the local lan and start to sync.

Then ususally at some high percentage (currently at 86%) there is no more progress on the phone. It just sits there displaying “Download: 0 B/s” and sometimes (yeah!) “Download: 1 B/s”.

The PC shows my phone as being up-to-date which I believe means that the phone knows what file-versions it needs, but for whatever reason it has a problem syncing the directory.

I have tried restarting syncthing both on the pc and the phone but to no avail…

Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be or how to debug this?

Many thanks!

Screenshots of Syncthing’s web GUI from the desktop and phone would be helpful, but which items does Syncthing on the phone say are out of sync?

A couple of common causes:

  • It’s unusual for an iOS or Android device to be able to replicate the file permissions sent by Linux, macOS and Windows, so best to enable “Ignore Permissions”.
  • Watch out for filenames with special characters such as colons (:) which are frequently used for media files. While perfectly fine in Linux, they aren’t permitted on Windows and Android (it’s a reserved character in Windows and isn’t allowed on Android for compatibility reasons with Windows).

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