Sync files instead of folders?

Apologies, I haven’t yet installed SyncThing, I had a few general questions before switching from Dropbox. I run linux on 3 different machines and I want to sync the equivalent of my Dropbox folder in addition to specific files (mostly in my home directory). I don’t want to sync my entire home directory and the number of files that I actually want from my home directory is quite small. I am wondering if there is a selected file list that I could sync, or if I would have to add rules for everything that I want into a .stignore file.

If I end up having to use a .stignore file, does it allow rules like a .gitignore? Specifically, would something like:

cat >.stignore <<EOF

be possible? I would also like to sync the .stignore files since I would be using this mostly in my home directory. Obviously I am open to suggestions if there is a better way of doing it.

Currently no, the syncthing way of doing it would be to create a specific folder for the files and sync that folder.

In your case, if you want to sync your .vim setup, for example, you could do use symlinks;

cd ~
mkdir Sync  # this is the folder we will have syncthing sync
mv .vimrc Sync/vimrc
ln -s Sync/vimrc .vimrc
mv .vim Sync/vim
ln -s Sync/vim .vim

(I use a similar setup to keep my dotfiles in Git, for example)