Sync encrypted container with active working

hello dear users!

i have an idea to use syncthing for sync encrypted veracrypt container (NTFS inside) on windows machine.

my situation different from usual task. a lot of active programs (like skype profile, firefox profile, mail client data etc) keep their data inside (i made it via symlink redirection), so container always write/read data because i work with programs permanently.

i want make windows hard link on file of this encrypted container (this allows bypass restrictions on access to file) and sync it in one way direction to other machine.

so, my question is, how can i safety do it this way? i afraid to damage container because syncthing can lock file for processing or can happens other problems

thanks in advance, best regards! i appreciate your software and love it

This is probably not going to work as well as you’d like. Syncthing wants to transfer the complete state of a file from one side to the other. If the file changes in the meantime (as is likely in your case) you’ll get hash mismatches and the sync will be aborted and retried probably infinitely.

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