Sync doesn't start / work

Hi! I think I did all right… but It doesn’t work. Someone can help me to setup it better ?! Thank you. Antonio

It feels like the other side doesn’t share the same folders.

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I got is not clear how Sync works :wink:

So the folders (and the path folders) must be the same ??

If on Work PC the “x” folder is in drive c:\ and on Home PC the “x” folder is in drive d:\ it doesn’t work ? O.o

The ids need to be the same, and A has to share with B and B has to share with A.

i’m sorry for slow response. I told they were Home and Work PC. So they are in different location. :smiley:

I got by documentation what’s IDs. I didn’t know.

a) But I continue to not having control what it need to do. I was tring to set up a “test folder” with the same IDs and it started sync of other folder with different IDs. It’s not really intuitive.

b) Then I notice that’s impossible set the path. Syncthing set it automatically…

c)I’d like to use it (in simple way) like dropbox or google drive…


    Home PC --> D:\personal\More_Clouds\Syncthing
    Work PC --> E:\work\office\Syncthing

Is it possible ?! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a getting started guide in the docs, please follow that.

ok… I’m sorry… I hope to setup Sync

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