Sync doesn't start but connection is ok


I run syncthing on a cubietruck (syncthing v0.11.1 (go1.4.2 linux-arm default) unknown-user@syncthing-builder 2015-04-26 11:10:14 UTC). On my Google Nexus 4 i have the Android client (V0.5.28) A beta version from the forum but the problem is the same with the play store version.

The devices know each other the firewall settings seem to be right, but the sync simply doesn’t start. Both devices say “up to date” (Actually “Aktuell”, i use the German version).

No errors on the commandline on the cubietruck.

Any ideas?

camera != nexus4_camera The folder names have to be the same.

Yes, you should name both of the folders exactly the same…

Thank you!

I’m such a fool, now its sooo obvious :pensive: